• Unitamon
  • Type:Data
  • Attribute:Light
  • Romantic Interests:None
  • Nicknames:Uni
  • Team affliction:Good
  • Species:Winged unicorn
  • Gender:Male
  • Hair:Red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple
  • Eyes:Blue
  • Appearance:White body,white wings,yellow feet,green horn,
  • Abilities:Daimond feathers
  • Weapons:None
  • Tranformations:Heliosusmon
  • Theme Song:
  • Voice actor:
Unitamon drawing

My drawing of him


Unitamon came to the aid of Hikaru as Heliosusmon when Derukamon 1st came to kill Hikaru.He fought braveley,but Derukamon was too much for him,so he took Hikaru away from him,and since then,Unitamon stays with Hikaru as her partner and guardian.He never leaves her side and cares for her like a knight protecting his princess.