The Lost City is the 26th episode of The Adventures of Gatomon in Digi-World Season 2. It is also the 52nd episode of the series.

Characters Present Edit

  1. Gatomon
  2. Bearmon
  3. Tapirmon
  4. Rhinomon
  5. Sheepmon
  6. Chamelemon
  7. Rabbitmon
  8. Toucanmon
  9. Togemogumon
  10. Erismon
  11. Elephantmon
  12. Kari Kamiya
  13. Impmon (Cameo)
  14. DemiDevimon (Cameo)

Summary Edit

Gatomon's favorite plushy is hidden in the Lost City, so Kari and the others help her get to the Lost City and retrieve her prized possession.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Gatomon putting up a poster and uses Digi-Tape to hold each corner. She then calls out "Hey, guys! I got something I wanna show you! Put some deodorant on and come to the backyard!" and Erismon asks offscreen "One arm or both?". Gatomon sniffs out a smelly scent, widens her eyes, covers her nose and says "Both arms!". Gatomon's friends come to the backyard and Kari asks Gatomon as she looks at the picture "Gatomon, what on Digi-Earth is that?". Gatomon asks "What? This?" and says "Umm........". Kari asks "Well? Are you gonna spil it or not?" and Gatomon answers "I don't want to talk about it! I'm too ashamed!". Kari says "Spill it!" and Gatomon says "No!". Kari says as she starts tickling Gatomon "Come on, Gatomon! Spill it!" and Gatomon demands while bursting into laughter "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Stop! Please!". Kari says as she tickles Gatomon's paw pads "Not until you spill the milk,Gatomon!" before tickling Gatomon's toes and Gatomon confesses while laughing her head off "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OK! OKAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'LL TELL YOU! JUST STOP TICKLING ME FIRST!".

Places in episode Edit

  1. Number Pyramid
  2. Mixed up Jungle
  3. The Lost City


  • Tapirmon digivolves to Boarmon in this episode.
  • Toucanmon digivolves to Halsemon in this episode.
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