tai's journey is a SPORE/digimon's begining is a alternate end to the episode "the earthqauke of metalgreymon"

how it all beganEdit

etamon was defeated.a potal had opened.the portal pulled tai in.the next thing tai knew was that there were a bunch of creatures all around him.he looked at the page on was called "dog monster".didn't look like a dog at all.tai looked at its attacks and social abilities:dance, pose, sing, charm, bite, charge, strike, and spit.then its abilitys: glide, jump, sight, graspers, and a few more.he exited the page.he pointed to the picture.then he turned into it!then he noticed that agumon looked...diferent.then he found himself lost in some sort of galaxy.he went down to one planet.


tai/dog monster

agumon/agumon(SPORE version)


gabumon/gabumon(SPORE version)