Shara is a 15 year old girl (same age as Endac) and is in 9th grade with endac as well. she was secretly chosen as a digidestined and with out anyone knowing entered the digimon world through a portal Endac made and found her spirit Auroramon. she also secretly holds a crush on Endac even though she has too act neutral when as Auroramon so she doesn't give away her identity

Weapons and other thingsEdit

Shara was known as the popular girl and the girlfriend of a Jock. but unknown to the Jock and all the other students she carried two knives (one in each boot) two Glocks hidden in secret pockets in her jeans and a sword hidden on her some where. also she always carries a little Dog like creature in her hood (she wears a hoodie all the time). unknown too everyone (including Endac) except for Panthagermon, who could sense a digimon in the human realm from the Digimon World) the little dog like creature was a Wolf digimon called Gale-Wolfmon.

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