Ty:Rachel!Hikaru!Come on!We're gonna be late!


Hikaru:Here we are now.

A boy bumps into them:Edit


Drake:Watch your steps.

Ty:But you're the one who bumped into me.

Drake:I don't care.I've gotta rush!

Rachel:What's up with that attidute?

In a house:Edit

Taichi:Are you ready,Koushiro?


Taichi:Good.Open the gate now.


Taichi:What's going on?

Koushiro:An error.We can't go in.

Taichi:DAMN IT!

In the computers classroom:Edit

Nini:Hello.I am Nini.I am the student in charge with this room today.

Rachel:Hi,I am Rachel.

Ty:What do you have to do,if you're in charge today?

Nini:Well,show people around the room,help them with the computers.

Hikaru:I see...

Drake rushes in:Edit

Drake:Where's the teacher?I need to talk to him.URGENTLY!

Ty:(That guy again...)

Nini:I am sorry.He's not here.

Drake:Gh.I'm gonna search him somewhere else!

The Door closes and locks:Edit


Rachel:We're locked here,it seems.

Hikaru:Oh no...

Ty:Hey look!That computer is flashing.

Nini:Oh.I may had just left it on after the last class ended.Gomenasai!

They're all being suck in the computer:Edit

In the Digital World:Edit

Ty wakes up:Edit

Tsunomon:Awake!Awake!Awake!I am so glad you're awake!

Ty:GHAAA!Who...What are you?And where am I?

Tsunomon:Digital World!I've been waiting for you! did I got in here?

Tsunomon:That flashing computer.

Ty:But WHY I am here?

Tsunomon:You're a Chosen Children!You're destinied to save this world.



Rachel:That BIRD is following me!

Biyomon:Wait Rachel!Don't run!

Hikaru:That turtle is following me!!


Drake:What kind of creature is that?

Dracmon:I am Dracmon!Your Digi-Partner!

Nini:I'm being chased by a flower!


Tsunomon:STOP ALL OF YOU!You're Chosen Childrens!

Everyone:We're what?

Kamemon:Come in that cave.We're gonna explain you.

In the cave:Edit

Biyomon:This world is in terrible danger,and so is yours.

Floramon:An ugly evil Digimon wants to corrupt Digimons,to get their souls.

Dracmon:And all that,for a reason.If he manages to get enough souls,he will get the power to open the World Gate,and invade your world.


Tsunomon:The Gods of this world had chosen you,to protect both worlds,and defeat the evil Digimon.

Ty:And how are we supposed to do that?

Biyomon:With our help!Each of the Chosen Childrens,and that's you,witll get a partner! we are!

Hikaru:We can't let that happen to our world.I'm in!

Rachel:Me too!

Ty:Count me in!

Nini:Me too!Me too!

Dracmon:What about you...Drake?

Drake:Tsk!This is stupid!I have a life to live!I can't waste my time with thoose fools.*leaves*

Dracmon:DRAKE!!*follows him*

Ty:Well,it's only us left!Where is that Evil Digimon living?

Tsunomon:Far far away!We've got to walk a lot.

Nini:Then let's not waste any more time!Let's go!



Floramon:Oh yea!We forgott to mention the bad digimons.

All of them fight with him,except for Tsunomon:Edit

Ty:Hey,Tsunomon...why don't you join them?

Tsunomon:I can't.I'd die.They're all Rookie Level.I'm not Rookie yet...I am to weak to fight a Champion Level Digimon.

Ty:And how do you get Rookie?

Tsunomon:Some may evolve normaly.But some,like me...need trust.Need support,need love.. you.And I support you!We've gotta save the both worlds.

Tsunomon:I'd wish it would be that easy...but it's not...

Floramon,Byomon and Kamemon falls on the ground:Edit

Ty:Oh no!!

Monochromon sends a drill towards Ty:Edit

Tsunomon:TY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Tsunomon...Shinka!!!!!!Elecmon!

Elecmon:Electric Ball!

Ty:You saved me....and...evolved!!You did it!

Rachel:Our Digimons fell down!You're the last chance!

Elecmon:But here comes the bad news...I am still just a Rookie.Not enough to defeat Monochromon.

Ty:Oh no..

Monochromon launches a drill towards Ty's friends:Edit

Elecmon:Noo!Don't you dare to hurt Ty's friends!Elecmon...Shinka!!!!!Leomon!

Ty:He...did it once again.

Leomon:Time for you to depart away had come,Monochromon!Juouken!!


Everyone:YOU DID IT!

Leomon:Yea!*De-evolves back to Elecmon*

Ty:!!Huh?Back to Rookie level?

Elecmon:Yep.Anything further than Rookie is temporaly.

And so,our chosen childrens depart away,now safe,with the help of their Digimon,and Elecmon's Champion Form,Leomon!