A Cherrymon appeared,under Lucemon's control.In the end,Floramon digi-evolved into Ninjamon.

Ty:Is that... 

Kamemon:Yes.It's Lucemon's Castle.

Rachel:But it's so black and scary here..

Hikaru:(I....I....cannot be a...afraid...)

Ty:We have to go!

Ogremon:Well that's too bad for you!I am Lucemon's Castle guard!I cannot let you go any further.

Nini:Then we'll have to fight you!Let this on me guys!Floramon!

Floramon:Floramon Shinkaaaa!!!Ninjamon!

Byomon:Byomon Shinkaaa!Birdramon!

Kamemon:Kamemon Shinkaaa!!Gwappamon!

Ty:Thanks for the cover!I am going towards the castle!See you there!*runs away*

Ninjamon:Okay,let's do this!Ninja Knife Trowing!

Birdramon:Meteor Wing!

Gwappamon:Gawappa Punch!


Hikaru:You have to stop and understand!You're being under Lucemon's control!I am sure this is not you!

Rachel:Hikaru wait!He doesn't has red eyes!

Ogremon:That's cause I am serving Lord Lucemon at my own will.I am not forced,nor controled.

Nini:But that doesn't has any logic!You could easily run away,and live a peacefull life.


In front of The Castle:Edit

Ty:Sangloupmon!I am so glad to see you here.Drake should be around here too,right?Now we can fight Lucemon togheghter!

Sangloupmon attaks Elecmon:Edit



Drake:Well well well,look who came!I have to stop you from even walking inside Lord Lucemon's Castle!


In the Real World:Edit



Mimi:What had you tried to do?

Taichi:Open the Digital World.

Mimi:I seen 5 kids being sucked in a computer,at school.You must have caused it.

Taichi:What?5 Childrens are in there?!We must get them out!It's not safe with Lucemon in there.

Mimi:I know that.

In the Digital World:Edit

Birdramon:Meteor Wing!

Rachel:Now tell us,how come you work for Lucemon,without being controled?

Ogremon:He....he raised me!I was abandoned!He took me!And grew me!

Hikaru:But then why is he putting you to work for him?

Ogremon:He was never a good dad.But I had no other choice.I would had died in the forest if he didn't came.

Nini:Don't you get it?He raised you just to use you later!


In front of the castle:Edit

Ty:You can do it,Leomon!

Sangloupmon:Dark Blaster!

Leomon:GHAHAHAA!!!!*gets back as Elecmon*

Drake:It's the end!Sangloupmon!!!

Sangloupmon:DARK DISASTER!!!

Both Elecmon and Ty faint:Edit

Drake:Humph!Leave the digimon.Take the kid!

Back to the others:Edit

Ninjamon:Ninja Knife Trowing!

Birdramon:Meteor Wing!

Gwappamon:Gawappa Punch!


Rachel:Now let's hurry to Ty and Elecmon!

In fronf of the castle:Edit


Hikaru:Where's Ty?

Elecmon:Ugh...Drake...and Sangloupmon.....they took Ty!


In the castle:Edit

Lucemon:Ty Ty Ty!There you are after all!


Drake:I did it!Now give me the promised cure for my mom!

Lucemon:HAHAHA!!There's no such a thing!


Sangloupmon:You dared to trick Drake like that!Grrr!Dark Blaster!

Lucemon:Useless attacks!You're just using up your energy!

Drake:I'll destroy you!

Lucemon:Hahahaha!Fine!I get both of you from one hit!


Rachel,Hikaru and Nini:TY!DRAKE!!

Lucemon:*evil laugh!