Justin was at first just a mysterious 16 year old, but one day when he got a call on his cell telling him to get to the train station he knew this would be important. He entered the Digimon Universe and knew he didn't need anybody to help him. He soon met his Digimon: Minupismon, who he believed to be a mistake becuase Minupismon was only 5. After meting up with a young boy named Endac, he knew he needed some friends on his mission. The team of Justin Henumari and Minupismon has begun there adventure, but don't expect to know anything about them.


Justin's Digimon is Minupismon. (Minatuar-Lupis <(WereWolf) Digimon) He weilds a Double Axe and over the shoulder rifles. His claws and teeth prove useful too.