The StoryEdit

Isaiah Kurimori is a boy from a small suburb of Tokyo. He was known as a "Lonely deadbeat with no future, no family, and nowhere else to run." Isaiah turned these insults back at them with love, kindness, and forgiveness. His friends knew him as "The Preacher of Life" because he would stand on a corner every morning and preach the Gospel, although nobody listens. When he was 16, he got a call from some mysterious person bringing him to a Train station. He took the same Transportation as Takuya did in Digimon Frontier. He road a Trailmon to the Sky Terminal where he met a Digimon named Gyromon. Gyromon tricked Isaiah into working with him in evil.

After a year and a half he escaped from the evil control, but was soon captured again. When Gyromon was about to kill Isaiah, Isaiah underwent a very weird experience. As time froze, he met an Eagle Digimon Named Eagelimon. Eagelimon attacked Gyromon and saved Isaiah.

Three months later, an Orcmon attacked Eagelimon, turning him evil. In the midst of the battle. Isaiah became overcome with a strange power that directed a bond between him and Eagelimon. At that moment, Eagelimon Digivolved. his feathers turned to skin, and his wings were painted white. His eyes became a crystal sapphire and his arm-like appendages became arms and legs covered in battle armor of pure white. After this happened, Isaiah saw that Eagelimon was no longer evil. Isaiah then decided to make the name of this new Digimon Angelimon.

"Another three months past, and in these past three months, I've gained the highest enlightenment in the Digimon realm. I had returned to the Sky Terminal to check out my first battle site. I found a secret passageway that lead to a cylindrical room. The room was a good bit mechanical, with a large, circular laser syphon in the middle. In the syphon was an Antigravatational field that held a suit of Angelic Armor that very closely resembled Angelimon. I slowly walked in and used my Dtector to aquire it. The transformation was extraordinary. Eagelimon digivoleved into Angelimon and then suddenly fused with the spirit as I went through the Spirit Evolution. I then became one with my Digimon and finally understood the heroic role God had given me to lead. I then gave my Spirit Evolution the name Neronimon, and continued on my way. I've fought evil ever since."

"I am Isaiah Kurimori, I am eighteen, and I am a Guardian of Digimon: Digital Monsters!!!"