HiAndromon made his appearence in front of the Chosen Childrens,and separed them.Rachel and Nini arrived to the frozen area,where the Digimental awaits.With the help of the Icemons,they located the Digimental,but then a Justimon,controled by a Dark Chip attacked them.Varodurumon,which is Byomon's Armor Form destroyed the Dark Chip,only for HiAndromon to appear.

HiAndromon:I worked hard for that chip,you know?I won't just allow you to break it!

Justimon:So you're who put it on me!

HiAndromon:The Chosen Childrens must be anihilated!

Varodurumon:Don't you dare to lie a finger on Rachel!

Ninjamon:Neither on Nini!

HiAndromon:Now now,I won't.That's what the Guardromon will do!*calls them out*

7 Guardromon appears:Edit

Justimon:HiAndromon!Meanwhile,I will fight you!I will bring you to justice!

Icemon:We'll fight the Guardromon along with Rachel and Nini!




At the Girl's fight:Edit

Varodurumon:Sky Wings!

Ninjamon:Ninjamon Strike!

Icemon1,2,3,4,5:Frozen Ice Shard!

Guardromon1,2,3,4,5,6,7:Red Laser!

Icemon:AAAGH!It burns!

At Justimon's fight:Edit

Justimon:I'll show you!Justice Claw!

HiAndromon:Evil Grenade!

Justimon:*dodges*Ha!You missed!


Rocks falls on Justimon:Edit


HiAndromon:Is that all you can?Really,you're making the Mega Levels to be ashamed!

Justimon:Sh...shield Beam!

The rock breaks:Edit

HiAndromon:Now that's something I would expect from a Mega!

At the Girl's fight:Edit


Icemon5 gets deleted:Edit

Nini:Can't be...

Icemon1,2,3,4:Guardromon!You killed one,but we'll kill all of you!Frozen Ice Shard!

Ninjamon:Super Ninja Strike!

Varodurumon:Flaming Sky Wings!

Rachel:Flaming?The evolved.

Nini:Super?Ninjamon's move evolved too!What....My Digivice is reacting.

Rachel:Your Digimental!It should be around then!Look for it!

Nini:Are you sure you can handle it all?

Rachel:Varodurumon and the Icemon can handle it!Go!


Ninjamon de-evolves:Edit

Floramon:Got it!

Nini and Floramon leaves:Edit

Guardromon:Red Laser!

Icemon4 gets deleted:Edit


Rachel:(Can't be...they're killing each of them..)Icemons!


Rachel:Get out the fight!He'll kill you too!

Icemon2:No!We'll help you till the end!


Icemon1:That;s our type!When someone helps a Icemon,they remain royal to that person!

Rachel:How did I helped you?

Icemon3:You got the Digimental!Something we've been trying for years!

Rachel:But you'll get killed!

Outside the cave:Edit

Floramon:What way?

Nini:Um...that one!

Floramon:I found it!Here!Here!Nini!Nini!

Nini takes the digimental:Edit

Floramon:It's the Digimental of Hope!

An IceDevimon appears:Edit

IceDevimon:I am guarding this!You will not take it!

Nini:He looks so will he beat him?Are we even able to?He has a Dark Chip!

Floramon:Nini-chan!The Digimental!

Nini:Uh-right!Digimental Up!Hope!


Nini:It's not working?

IceDevimon:Ice Vortex!

Floramon starts freezing:Edit



Floramon completely freezes:Edit


At Justimon's fight:Edit

Justimon:Electro Shocker!

HiAndromon:Paralized Evolution!!!

The attack makes Justimon de-evolve to SuperStarmon:Edit


HiAndromon:An Ultimate Form!What about more weaker?Paralized Evolution!

SuperStarmon de-evolves to his baby level,Mokumon:Edit

Mokumon:What.what had u dn to me?

HiAndromon:Hahahah!You talk like a baby!Oh ARE one!*destroys him*

At Rachel's fight:Edit

All the Icemon's and all the Guardromon are dead:Edit

Rachel:We did it....but....The Icemon....

HiAndromon:Not only them!Justimon..or should I say,Mokumon,is also dead!


HiAndromon:Paralized Evolution!

Vaordurumon reverts to it's baby form,Nyokimon:Edit

Rachel:Can't be....

HiAndromon launches a dark sphere to them,and they dissapear:Edit


At Nini's fight:Edit


IceDevimon:He's frozen solid!He can't hear your annoying voice anymore!


IceDevimon:Now,to end what HiAndromon asked me to do...

IceDevimon launches a dark sphere to them,and they dissapear:Edit