Endac was a kid from no where. he was found by Takuya from the Digimon Frontier face to face with some kind of random Wolf Digimon without fear or action. once the digimon was taken down by Takuya, Endac (after arguing with him wheather he had to kill the thing) went with him to meet his friends. Endac has been seen helping Takuya at times but otherwise so far no one knows what he is or where he came from because Takuya and the others thought he himself was a humanoid digimon when he saw Endac was a normal 15 year old with Dragon Wings and a little Dragon on his shoulder. though he has been seen with a D-Tector like the kids from Frontier.


Endac is a Tamer like from Digimon Frontier.

Digimon SpiritEdit

Tigero-Drakusmon (a White Tiger Digimon with Dragon Wings two duel Flame Swords a Flame Bow and Red Armor that looks alot like Takuya's Spirit's armor)


he has his Dragon: Pyromancer who always follows him