Drake:I'll destroy you!

Lucemon:Hahahaha!Fine!I get both of you from one hit!


Rachel,Hikaru,Elecmon and Nini:TY!DRAKE!!

Lucemon:*evil laugh!Look on that screen!

Ty:It's...just black and white dots.

Lucemon:Exactly!Can you number the black dots?

Drake:No.They're too much.

Lucemon:The Black dots symbolize the souls I gathered!

All: !!!!

Hikaru:But that' many!

Lucemon:Exactly.Soon,I will invade your world!

Elecmon:Elecmon Shinka!

Byomon:Byomon Shinka!

Kamemon:Kamemon Shinka!

Floramon:Floramon Shinka!!

Elecmon:What?We can't evolve?

Lucemon:Do you really think I'd let you evolve in my castle.FOOLS!

Drake:Well here's bad news for you!Dracmon is already evolved into Sangloupmon from before!

Sangloupmon digi-de-evolves:Edit


Lucemon:That was just the late effect of The Soul Tower!When it's one around,you cannot evolve!

Courage sign appears:Edit

All(even Lucemon):What is that?

Elecmon:The Courage Sign!

Ty:The what?Hey,it's coming towards me!

The symbol materialize into a DigiMental:Edit

Elecmon:That's it!Your Digimental!Ty!Say "Digimental Up!"

Lucemon:Noo!Veggiemon Army!Take the Digimental away from him!

Veggiemons:Sleep Seed!

Ty falls asleep:Edit

Lucemon takes the Digimental:Edit

Lucemon:The only possible evolution here is Armor Shinka,usable with the help of a DigiMental!Now that I posses the DigiMental,no evolution is use-able!


Drake:Wake up you stupid!We're dieing right here!

Lucemon:It's useless!Veggiemon's Sleep Seed attack makes him to sleep for 1 hour!And nothing can wake him up before that!Veggiemons!Put the others to sleep too!And their digimons!

Veggiemons:Sleep Seed!

Everyone falls asleep:Edit

Lucemon:*prepares to take their souls*This will be the best!A Human soul is the equivalent of 100 Digimon souls.We have 5 kids here,and 5 digimons.1 souls from each digimon,and 100 from each human!505 souls!That will be all I need to finish my soul hunt,and invade the human world!HAHAHAHA!Digimental of Courage,eh?Humph!*tosses it away,in the hands of Ty*


Lucemon:He's awake?


Lucemon:Hahahaha!It won't work!Your dear digimon is sleeping!

Ty:No!Elecmon WILL hear my voice!Digimental Up!Armor Evolve!

Elecmon:Elecmon Armor Shinka!!!!!!GrapLeomon!

*Show me your Brave Heart* song starts:Edit

Ty:You did it!You heard my command!

Lucemon:No!Veggiemon Army!Attack him!

GrapLeomon:You asked for it,Lucemon!Get ready!Lion Beast Wave Slash!

1 Veggiemon deleted:Edit

Ty:Great job GrapLeomon!Continue just like that!

Lucemon:Red Veggiemon!Get in there too!

Red Veggiemon:Yes sir!Plant Vine!

Ty:Huh?Guys!You're awake!

Nini:What's going on?

Ty:You lot search for the Soul Tower around here,and destroy it,so you could evolve!

Hikaru,Rachel,Drake and Nini:Got it!

Somewhere else in the Palace:Edit

Drake:Where is that tower?

Hikaru:Yea..I see no tower either...Oh I forgott!I had my Laptop with me all the time!

Rachel:Maybe you can do some researches,little brother.

Opens the laptop:Edit

Hikaru:Ok!I got the map of this castle!Hmmm?This is weird.I get no signl for a tower,but I get a signal from something else!This way!

In a roomEdit

Drake:What is that?

Dracmon:The Digimental of Sincerity!Drake!Our Digimental!


Rachel:What's that?

Nini:It seems to be protected by some statues!

Kamemon,Dracmon,Byomon and Floramon: !!!!

Rachel:What is it?

Kamemon:The first's Devimon!

Dracmon:The second is...Etemon.

Byomon:The third is .... Myotismon!

Floramon:The fourth is....The Dark Master,Piedmon,Pinnochimon,Machinedramon and MetalSeadramon!

Kamemon,Dracmon,Byomon and Floramon:AND THE LAST ONE IS....APOCALYMON!!!!!!!!!

Nini:Who are thoose?

Dracmon:They were evil digimon who have threaten this world and yours in the past.When the original 8 Chosen Childrens had stopped them all.

Drake:Who were thoose 8 originals?

Kamemon:Taichi,Sora,Yamato,Takeru,Kari,Koushiro,Jyou and Mimi!


Floramon:You know one of the original Chosen Childrens?

Rachel:Of course..we were in the same school,until he graduated!

Drake:Anyway,I'm taking my DigiMental!*takes it*

The statues's eyes get redEdit


Ty:Haha!Your Veggiemon army had all been defeated!

GrapLeomon:You're next,Lucemon!!


Drake:Digimental Up!Sincerity!

Dracmon:Dracmon,Armor Shinka!!Yasyamon!


Drake:Let's go,Ty!

Yasyamon:Double Strike!

GrapLeomon:Lion Beast Wave Slash!


All:He...HE'S GONE??

Nini:So what now?

Ty:We have to go on a journey to get everyone's DigiMentals!

Hikaru:I am getting a signal on my laptop!The next DigiMental is not far from here.But it's on a frozen area,so take stuffed clothes with you!

In the real world,in a room,a boy is looking,on his PC,At a photo of Lucemon:Edit

Boy:I don't get it!My plans were perfect!What had I did wrong?