On a Dark Forest:Edit

Ty:Remember me again...why are we searching for Drake?

Elecmon:Because he's also a Chosen Children.We need all of you to defeat Lucemon.

Ty:But do we really need to do that?


Hikaru:(Everyone is taking this very seriously.We have the fate of two worlds in our hands but...I'm in second grade.I am definetly not at their standards...)

Kamemon:Is something bothering you,Hikaru-sama?'s nothing.

Nini:Oh no!That Digimon...Kabuterimon...he has red eyes....

Rachel:That means...

Ty:Let it on me!ELECMON!

Elecmon:Right!Elecmon Shinkaa!!!Leomon!


Floramon:Flower Beam!

Byomon:Magical Fire!!

Hikaru leaves:Edit

Kamemon:Huh?Hikaru-sama?*follows him*

Rachel:Still not enough??Fine!Byomon!

Byomon:Got it!Byomon Shinkaaa!!!Birdramon!

Birdramon:Meteor Wing!

The Red eyes are gone:Edit

Kabuterimon:What...what happend?

Nini:You were under the influence of Lucemon.We were lucky to save you before he took your soul.

Kabuterimon:I don't know how to thank you for that.

Ty:Maybe if you just....answer this.Had you seen a boy here with an Dracmon?

Kabuterimon:Oh that guy!I seen him,yea!He mentioned taking down Lucemon alone...


Ty:Is he crazy?He can't fight with him all alone!He'd die!

Nini:Where did he took?

Kabuterimon:That way.

Ty:Thak you.Let's go!

Rachel:WAIT!My brother,Hikaru is gone.

Floramon:And so is Kamemon!

Ty:Where did they go?

Rachel:They probabily left while we were fighting with Kabuterimon.We have to fight them.

Away,in the Dark Forest:Edit

Kamemon:Why had you left,Hikaru-sama?

Hikaru:I....I am not up to their standards!I am to young and weak.I am just gonna create problems to them.So I decided to leave the group.

Kamemon:You can't do that!You're a Chosen Children!We already lost Drake.We can't afford to lose you too.

On a Dark Palace:Edit

Lucemon:So that kid left the group?Then he'll be easy to trick.Flymon!


Lucemon:Plan Z!On Hikaru.

Away in the Dark Forest:Edit

Kamemon:You must return!

Hikaru:Not until I am strong enough.

Flymon:Oh hello.I couldn't not hear that.You want to be stronger?


Flymon:Then I can help.Follow me.

Kamemon:Shall we trust him?

Hikaru:Let's give it a try.

Far away in the forest:Edit

Flymon:Go in that machine.

Hikaru:Why?What does it have to do with what I asked for?

Flymon:Just go in!

Hikaru goes inside,and Flymon drags a lever:Edit



Flymon:HAHAHAHAH!Killing him!If one of the Chosen Childrens is dead,then Master Lucemon's plan could never be foiled.

Kamemon:Grrr.....Kamemon Shinkaaa!!!Gwappamon!

Gwappamon:I am gonna stop you!

Flymon:Bring it on!

Gwappamon:DJ Shooter!

Flymon:Poison Stings!

Gwappamon:DON'T YOU DARE!Gawappa Punch!

Flymon:Nooo!!!*gets deleted*


Gwappamon:Oh no!Hikaru!



Gwappamon:DESTROY THE MACHINE!An servant of Lucemon tricked Hikaru into going in there.He's gonna die!

Leomon:Got it!Juouken!*destroys it*



Cherrymon:Hahahaha!Nobody foils Lucemon's plans without paying!