In the previsous episode:

After Hikaru left the group,he was tricked by Flymon.Saved by Komamon's evolution,Gwappamon,a Cherrymon makes his appearence,as another slave of Lucemon.

Cherrymon:Flymon had failed with his stupid machine.This time,I will do the same thing,but with my own hands!

Gwappamon:You will stop!No one hurts Hikaru.Mostly now,as he just fainted!!

Birdramon:I will use the fire to protect Rachel from you!

Leomon:Ty is also protected!

Floramon:(...Everyone has already evolved...but me.....)

Cherrymon:How protect your partner.But that won't work!VINE ATTACK!!!

Ty:He has Red Eyes.We must defeat him to make him return to normal.

Kabuterimon:Let this to me!


Kabuterimon:Mega Blaster!!!

Cherrymon:That weak attack?Please.Illusion Mist!

Kabuterimon:Where am I?I just see black...

Cherrymon:Kabuterimon will be no use for the moment.Now,Chosen Childrens,time to end your journey!

Birdramon:Meteor Wing!

Gwappamon:Gawappa Punch!



Nini:Floramon,why don't you attack?

Floramon:Everyone had evolved...but me...

Cherrymon:Vine Attack(on Nini)


Nini keeps getting hit:Edit

Floramon:(Gh..I can't do anything..)Leomn!Gwappamon!Birdramon!Please make him stop!

Birdramon:Meteor Wing!

Gwappamon:Gawappa Punch!



Everyone:WE DID IT!

Floramon:(But I did nothing..I can't protect Nini..)

Nini:Don't fell bad,Floramon.You're my partner!

Floramon:But Nini-chan,I can't protect you....And you were badly hurt because I couldn't.

Hikaru:Ugh...what happend?



Gwappamon:Yes...I..defeated Flymon.

Hikaru:Uauuagh!I am badly injured from that machine!

Floramon:So is Nini-chan!

Nini:Yea...gha.....ughaa....that Cherrymon....

Everyone de-evolves:Edit

Rachel:I noticed something wrong.

Ty:What is it?

Rachel:Cherrymon had red eyes,so he was under Lucemon's control.But when we defeated him,he didn't returned to normal,but instead,he vanished.

Nini:Could that mean..He's still under Lucemon's control.


Ty:Well,back to searching Drake.


Cherrymon:You're not going anywhere!



Elecmon:AGH!I can't.

Byomon:Neither me.

Komamon:Why can't any of us evolve?

Cherrymon:HAHAAHA!I disabled Elecmon's,Byomon's and Kamamon's evolution!Now you're useless!

Hikaru:Can't be...

Nini:Attack anyway!

Elecmon:Electric Ball!

Byomon:Magical Fire!

Kamamon:Pointer Arrow!!!

Cherrymon:Useless!You three cannot shinka!

Floramon:They can't,but I can!Floramon Shinkaaaa!!!Ninjamon!


Ninjamon:Ninja Knife Trowing!

A clock on Cherrymon's hand breaks:Edit


Elecmon:That was what made us unable to evolve.Now we can!Elecmon Shinkaaa!!!Leomon!

Byomon:Byomon Shinkaaa!!Birdramon!


Birdramon:Meteor Wing!

Ninjamon:Ninja Knife Trowing1

Cherrymon:Nooooo!!*gets back to normal*What...what happend?

Rachel:You were under Lucemon's control!Now you're saved.

Cherrymon:That Lucemon....BURN HIM WITH FIRE!

Ty:That's what we're trying.

Cherrymon:Thank you!*leaves*

Kabuterimon:I..I am back!I can see!Thank you for saving Cherrymon and me!

Nini:No problem..Ninjamon!

Ninjamon:Nini-chan!I evolved!I can protect you now!