Black Gatomon

Partner-Dawn Hioma

Digivolves to- Lucemon

Lucemon (1)

(Ultmate form) Lucemon

Rookie form-Black Salamon

Armor Digivolves- (Digiegg of Miricles)= Maildramon


(Digi egg of Miracles) Maildramon

Attacks- Lightning Paw

Apperance-~Im a Digidestine~


Before I'm a Digidestine:

Dawn use to play with a Virtual pet Keychain that actually had a Black Nyromon inside. She raised it to become Black Salamon later she realized the Black salamon was gone and she tried to start the game over thinking she killed the first one. But she couldnt and she stopped playing it.

I'm a DigiDestine:

When Dawn was transported to the Digital World with Davis, T.K and Kari she met Black gatomon in a cave where the Digiegg of Miracles was, he remind her of the Digimon in the keychain (which was him) and the two quickly became friends.

Quotes Edit

  • "Dawn!"
  • "Black gatomon digivolve too...."
  • "Aw man!"
  • Black gatomon Armor Digivolve too...
  • "Lightning Paw!"

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