A New Adventure
Season Digimon: Hunters, Episode 1.01
Air date 1/23/15
Written by Jarvis Davidson
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Dragomon attacks
A New Adventure is the series premiere of Digimon: Hunters.

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When a portal to a strange world is opens five energy streams shoot out of it and is grabbed by five teenagers, and Digimon emerge and join up with the five teens to protect the world from evil Digimon that want to destroy it and rule.


In a quiet little city of New Johnson a young girl and her friends are spending sometime together for the summer in the woods the three Friends are hanging out at a Cabin for the last year of the Summer Terra, Jason, May, Julie, and Ethan are looking at the sun set.

Jason looks at his two friends and said well I guess this is the last time we hang out as friends I'm really going to miss you guys you two been my friends since Middle School and without you guys I'd be lost.

May and Terra looked at him and all three friends hugged each other.

then a strange energy beam rushes out of the sky towards the three friends and seperated into three beams of energy while the fourth energy beam heads towards the city the bright light around Terra, Jason,  May, Julie and Ethan disappeared and they had three small devices in their hands.

Terra looked at hers and said wow this is cool I wonder where did these things come from anyway.

then a strange orange Dinosaur walks towards her and they look at each other.

he looks at Terra and said Hi I'm Augmon your partner.

an Eagle like bird flies down and lands in front of May and said I'm Eaglemon I'm ur new partner.

May looks at it and said nice to meet you Eaglemon.

a Bear walks up to Jason and said hi I'm Bearmon.

a Wolf like animal walks up to Ethan and says Hi I'm Wolfmon and I'm here to join your side.

Jason's phone rings and he answers it and he looks at his two friends and said my mom she's not moving for some reason the building was bombed and fell down.

the five friends walking down the stairs and head into the city with their new friends and then they hear earthquake.

Terra looks up and said whoa that's not good what is that.

Augmon looks at it and said Dragomon he was always peaceful but I don't know why he's attacking the city.

Episode 1: A New Adventure